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Compost can be thrilling!

June 26, 2009
  Okay, I made that title just to get your attention.  It is mostly thrilling for worms and it doesn’t take much to thrill a worm.  I found a website from the Composting Council of Canada that I just had to share.  You can learn about:
  • compost tea
  • healthy soil
  • recycling grass clippings
  • vermicomposting

  and many other neat things! 


  Here is what they say about compost tea.


Compost Tea – A nourishing refreshment for your plants

Compost tea is a good “perk” for your plants. It’s simple to make and easy to use.
Fill a cloth bag with compost and put it in a barrel or bucket of water. Your mixture should be about one part compost to five parts water. Let it steep for about a week, swirling it around a few times and making sure that the “tea bag” is submerged.

You can then pour the “tea” over your plants. Put the compost in the bag either back into your backyard composter or spread it in the garden.

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