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Am I old or young? I won’t let the internet decide.

June 26, 2009
  I sit and write this after a good 24 hours after being at the gym for a workout.  I remember a time when I would cavort for hours and maybe feel a twinge, but as I now am in middle age it only takes a couple hours of cardio to make my joints wince at climbing the stairs.  I know that this could be remedied by more exercise, but alas I am not at present driven in such.  But then tomorrow is another day.
  I had a chat about this stage of life with my husband, Jeff and I had to bite my tounge instead of expressing the platitude, "you are only as young as you feel."  When things about you start to change, and no longer necessarily for the better, you can’t help feeling a little pessimistic.  Gray hair = old, or maybe just time to dye your hair.  Jeff said he took a survey and it called being fourty as old.  A report on a medical study pointed out the people over the age of 37 were "seniors," and if you were having a pregnancy for the first time at 35 years of age you would be considered "elderly" first time mom.  Society seems bent on emphasizing that at a time when we are still at the pinnacle of thought and ability (even though it may hurt a little) that we are old.
  Then comes the news today that the king of pop died at the age of fifty years.  Most of the reports express how young he was.  I guess what I can garner is that society can’t make up their mind to say if I am young or old.  Maybe I am neither and I can revel in that as long as it lasts.
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