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Lions night out

June 24, 2009
  Last night was the second pregame for the BC Lions football team.  It was the first game at home and of course we were there to take part in the fun.  Although the Lions were not triumphant over the Edmonton Eskimoes, pregame battles are more about trying out players and deciding who is going take the first, second or third spot during the regular season for each position.  The Lions also have a lot of new players, so working together as a team will have to knit together before they will stop taking so many dumb penalties. 
  It was preseason for the fans too.  I think I spent most of the first quarter chatting with our friends and seatmates then really paying attention to the game. We haven’t seen each other since last season so there is a lot of catching up to do.  It was good to see everyone again. 
   One of the first things we noticed is the changes that the stadium is undergoing.  There are now plush club seats on the side where the home team has it’s bench at the top of the first level.  These seats are a lot more expensive and have access to an exclusive lounge area or delivery of food to your seat.   BC Place has also added more areas for wheelchairs, and is in the process of adding more concession areas and renovated box seats.  And of course, most important, renovated bathrooms.  The bathroom on our side has new tiles, and a new counter by the sinks. 
  The ultimate change for BC Place is the beginings of the new roof.  There is now new venting going to the inflatable roof to provide heating since the venting has been changed and filled in to support the new roof.  Outside there is minor construction going on to make supports.
  With all the changes to the team and the stadium it was really good to see our friends were the same and that we all had lots of fun cheering for our team.  I brought a new tamborine to make noise while I cheer.  For months I have been excited about bringing it since I got it for Christmas.  I didn’t think what the reaction of my seatmates would be.  They are really very funny, and have a good sense of humor.  One thought that I could stand in front of a liquour store and use it to raise money like the Salvation Army.  Another thought that I could join the Partridge family.  Very funny, guys.  I just love making lots of noise to help on the team, no matter what.  I think they know that, and I hope the Lions will know that too.
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