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Why I am cheering for Detroit in the Stanley Cup

June 2, 2009
  The  Detroit Red Wings are playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight in game three of the Stanley Cup.  I am really disappointed that the Flames aren’t playing but I still enjoy watching the Stanley Cup, so I gotta pick one team to cheer on.  I am rooting for the Red Wings for several reasons, even though I have never been to Detroit, don’t know anyone from there or ever plan to visit the place.  Here are my reasons;
  1. Touch of Canada in their history: 
The Red Wings are one of the six original teams in the NHL.  Before the NHL the Victoria Cougars were a very successful team, but their league folded and the players were bought out by Detroit.  The Detroit team played in Windsor until their Detroit arena was built and they were eventually named the Red Wings.  Their logo came from a team in Montreal nicknamed the Winged Wheelers. 
  2. Legacy of one of the greatest hockey players:
From 1946 – 1971 Gordie Howe, also known as Mr Hockey,  played for Detroit.  He was perhaps the greatest hockey player of all time,  even regarded as such by Bobby Orr!  He was a great hockey player and a terrific person, who once played catch with my dad when he was a kid.  You can now see Gordie Howe at Vancouver Giants Gordie Howe night, as he is a co-owner.
  3. ABC
In this case this stands for Anybody But Crosby.  Most of our coverage is flavoured by announcers from Eastern Canada that have a crush on the Penguin player, Sidney Crosby.  Although he has evident hockey talent (I can’t even skate backwards so he has me there), he doesn’t have anything to compare when it comes being a class player.  It is embarrassing to see how often he takes a dive instead of being a stolid player and suck it up.  He recently complained about the length of time fans celebrated throwing hats onto the ice when they were playing in Washington and a player from the other team got a hat trick. 
 He doesn’t respect hockey tradition as evidence by picking up the divisional trophy for the second year in a row.
credit: CP Images
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