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Spring is sprung and radishes too!

May 27, 2009
  My apologies to my faithful reader for not updating my blog recently.  Getting involved with the out of doors has been really making my days full.  The last few weeks I have managed to plant beans, potatoes, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, herbs, and many flowers.  The flowers are heavy on my blueberry bush as well as on our rhododendron tree.  We have had visits from a few sweet little humming birds and bees to check them out and a few bears as well.  The bears were a large male black bear a few weeks ago and a smaller mama and her cub this afternoon.  A couple of robins have made our yard their territory, so the sight of one of them perched on our fence is common.  We have also had a rabbit (we think) visit and leave some fertilizer on the lawn.
  Hockey has been good as the playoffs are dragging on.  Unfortunately the schedule is spread out and they will be playing for the Stanley cup in June.  I like watching hockey but summertime is better spent outside.  They should really wrap it up in May for crying out loud.  The juniors are through, with Windsor taking the cup over Kelowna.  We noticed that this year there was a huge bolt and saucer sized washer in the bottom of the cup attaching it to the base of the trophy.  Last year the cup snapped off when the team from Tri-cities was celebrating.  No chance this year although the players initially took it gingerly.
  Another pastime was watching the new Star Trek movie.  It is the eleventh in the series, this one being a prequel.  I enjoyed the show and have now seen it twice.  There is a definite difference in this offering compared to previous movies, alot more action and flash.  I think it is an attempt to compete with other action movies of late, and I must say that I don’t mind a bit of action and eye popping visuals, but I need more out of the story if they decide to make another movie.  There is a tradition in Star Trek that the stories are more then just a distraction, but usually have some commentary about society and humanity.  I would hate to see that abandoned.  I watched the last Star Trek movie, Nemesis, again on DVD and noticed how much is the same between it and the newest movie.  They both have themes of "family" how the characters work together.  The theme that a friend pointed out to me, ‘dare to do better,’ is the same in both movies.  The villains are both bald (okay a small similarity), have a pointy dark ship with unbelievably large interiors and designs to blow up planets.  I guess there is nothing new in the universe.
  Today I had a bit of excitement when a friend of mine invited me over to her house as a BC Lion, Baron Miles, was paying her a visit to check out her talent of quilting BC Lions T-shirt quilts.  It was a bunch of fun!  Thanks Moose!
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