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April 18, 2009
  As I was walking to work the other day I noticed that the cherry blossoms have burst out.  The cherry blossom festival in Vancouver started at the beginining of the month, but this year being a cooler than normal spring, it started without the blossoms.  We had a patch of warm weather last week and it was enough to bring on the swath of pink.  Despite the lateness of the flowers, they really seem to be in abundance this year.  Only half the trees have started their blossoms, so I am looking forward to more walks under trees that have a sweet smell like bubble gum.  When the blossoms are finished and start to fall I think of the days when I used to live in Alberta.  It is not uncommon for the weather to turn nasty in the spring and they can have snow flurries until late May or June sometimes.  The falling flower petals make me think of a pink snowstorm, light and fluffy, coating the grass and gutters, but instead of cold and wet it is pink and warm.  Much preferable to my way of thinking.
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