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Spring forward or is that winter forward?

March 6, 2009
  It so happens that spring is not far away, we could almost see it at the end of the tunnel if it were not for the forecast of snow on the weekend.  One of the indicators of the change of seasons is the change in time that we are going to have this weekend with the start of daylight savings time. Most of North America, with the exception of Saskatchewan and a few cities here and there, will be moving their clocks forward one hour to "save" daylight. 
  Today the sunrise was at 6:44 am and the sunset will be at 6:02 pm on standard time. If we were on daylight savings time I guess that would mean that sunrise would be at 7:44 and sunset would be at 7:02 pm.  I hope that this helps someone, because I know that when I go to work it is dark, and when I come home it is dark, unless I work nights, then the sun is in my eyes on the way to work and in my eyes on the way home.  When I am not at work it really doesn’t make a difference what the clock says. I enjoy waking up when I am rested and go to sleep when I am tired, no matter what the sun is doing. 
   I guess my question is, does daylight savings time really help in saving on electricity?  Most people spend time indoors in cities anyway, so doesn’t the time change simply confuse a lot of folks?  If the summertime setting of the clock is so great, why do we bother to go back to the standard time in the fall?  And with the revised timing of the start of daylight savings time we are not moving forward in the spring, it is still officially winter. Should we change the saying to "winter forward, fall back" even if it doesn’t make sense?
  In any event, watch it on the roads on Monday, with the loss of one hour’s sleep, people are said to not drive as well.
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