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Adventures of Mukmuk

February 26, 2009
  Since I am not gardening (see last post about the snow) I have been spending some time seeing what Mukmuk is up to on the internet.  If you don’t know, Mukmuk is the “sidekick” of the 2010 Olympic mascots.  He now has his own cute video!  Watch Mukmuk’s Vancouver 2010 video!
  Prior to November 29th he was only in cyberspace and many people wanted to see more of Mukmuk.  Release Mukmuk news article.


  People far and wide have gotten into the search for Mukmuk.  One person made up his own Mukmuk from a stuffed marmot he had gotten from his sister. Home made Mukmuk


And of course if you are a pin collector, the search for Mukmuk is really big.  Vancouver pin trader looking for rare Mukmuk pin 

  It just goes to show that the little guy is really, really well loved and popular, even if he is the smallest and not officially a mascot.



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