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Snow good

February 25, 2009
  Sorry I don’t have any pictures today, our camera is in the shop. 
 Some people think that snow is wonderful.  There is one weathergirl that gets excited when it snows and it really bugs the heck out of me.  So in response, here is my rant.  Feel free to add any of your own.
  It snowed today.  I don’t like snow.  It is cold.  You have to shovel it.  If it doesn’t get shoveled it turns into ice.  It makes a mess on the car and you have to brush it off.  It sticks to your clothes.  It covers the grass.  It flattens my flowers.  It hides the birdseed I put out for the birds so they can’t find the food to eat.  I don’t own skis or a snowboard to make it fun.  You have to expend more energy to move in it.  It conceals things that make you trip.  It is hard to drive on.  It is difficult to see through when it is coming down.  It damages trees.  It builds up on powerlines and cuts out the power.  It stops the buses.  It delays aircraft and flights are canceled.  Things cost more because snow makes it difficult to grow food and things have to be shipped from farther away.  It is the colour of death in Asian cultures.  It makes an inbalance of colour – too much white.  It makes avalanches that kill people.  It makes roads and sidewalks slippery.  You have to wear boots.  It makes a mess when you track it inside.  The weather that brings it is gloomy and grey.
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  1. Unknown permalink
    March 2, 2009 13:13

    So, are you saying you don\’t like snow?

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