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Two dollar dreams

February 23, 2009
  This last weekend one of our national lotteries, 649, jackpot was 48 million dollars.  It is not the highest that it has ever been, but it is up there.  I know that my chances of winning are something like a in 13 million, but for two dollars I like to be in on the fun.  I also like that the fact that some of the money goes to support worthy charities in Canada, like sports and health care.  I mentioned it at work and the others got together and bought a group ticket.  So for a couple of days we talked about what we would do if we won the jackpot, like if we would quit work, buy lots of things, volunteer more or renovate where we live.  I think I would like to tear down the house and build a castle, I guess I would  have to check in with the neighbours before we did that as we live in a duplex.
  In reality we didn’t win.  I could have told you beforehand that the winner would be from Ontario (the winner is always from the East when there is a big jackpot).  Jeff tells me that there were four winners, and that one bought the ticket while visiting his family in Ontario.  This fellow is from New Brunswick and he is a fisherman.  He says his family is going "mental" and that he plans to keep fishing until the money is all gone.  Sounds like what a western farmer would say if they won. 
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