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A walk in the woods

February 20, 2009
  Today a friend invited me to take a walk and visit Crystal Falls.  I had never seen these falls near the Coquitlam river, so I decided it would be a great way to get some exercise on a rare sunny day in February. 
  The walk to about an hour to get to the falls, and some of the areas were still snowy on the path and a bit mucky, but since we all had our hiking boots on it posed no problem to us pressing forward.
  I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the spectacular nature vistas around us.  Including trees with ferns growing out of the moss on the sides,
  fallen logs with shelf mushrooms,
 and trees that lean or are covered with heaps of mossy greenery;
  The falls were very pretty with water rushing down the rocks and kicking up a fine spray.  My friend tells me that there’s more water now then in the summer, but we guess that it could be a lot more when spring runoff starts in earnest.
Thanks for the tour of the wonders in our own neighbourhood, Moose!
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