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Russian Space Rocket Crashes on Canadian Soil!

February 19, 2009

Russian Rocket Crashes on Canadian Soil!
  A rocket launched by the Russian Space Agency went dangerously off course when its internal guidance erroneously sent it into an incorrect deadly orbit.  The rocket ricocheted off the troposphere, spun and broke into pieces that headed towards North America. 
  Once it was aware of the danger, NORAD quickly notified the Canadian Prime Minister that the rocket was headed towards the city of Calgary.  With minutes left before the awesome space debris obliterated the Calgary Tower, the panicked PM called up the Mayor of the city to recommend total evacuation of Alberta’s southern metropolis.
  The Mayor was not daunted by the situation, and immediately activated the little known Calgary Tower Defensive Laser System.  The Russian rocket was safely diverted away from the stetson wearing populace.
  News sources report that the rocket crashed harmlessly into the Atlantic Ocean, a mere 7,000 km away from Calgary.  This blog has incontrovertible photographic proof that the rocket impacted into a remote snowbank just outside of city limits.  See photo below. 
 Note the distinctive Russian markings on the hull and the characteristic red fins.  If you see one of these, do not touch and contact local authorities immediately!

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