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Simon’s cat and other vid’s

January 16, 2009
  I see that Simon Tofield has made another video for our amusement.  You probably have seen his original work, "Cat Man Do" with the man in bed and a hungry kitty trying to wake him up and eventually resorting to a baseball bat.  Click on these to link to Simon’s Videos, including his newest with a sweet little doggie!
Cat Man Do A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desparate measures to wake up a sleeping owner.
Let Me In  Hungry cat makes efforts to get indoors.
TV Dinner  Cat makes efforts to get his owner’s attention.
Fed Up  One mouthful too many.
  And one more oldie but goodie to make us laugh… Ceiling Fan Cat.
 Man 1:  Muffy, (whistle), Muffy, come here.
 Cat: Purrrr
  Cat: Yowl!
Man: Oh-oh
Cat:  Yeo-oowl!
Man 2: Turn off the fan!
Man 1: No!
Cat:  Thump!
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