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My first bear sighting

January 8, 2009
  It is afternoon and I have had a nice sleep in because I am working a night shift tonight.  Like I usually do, I get up and look out the bedroom window and see what the squirrels are up to.

  Today the squirrels are squeaking and facing in the same direction.  A couple are licking the remnants of the bird feeder dangling from the hanger.  Jeff and I think it must have been a raccoon that was the culprit because we have seen some tracks in the snow over the last couple of days.  We have a nice lunch and then I head outside to see if something can be done about repairing the feeder.  It is really mild out today and I wear a light coat and I don’t need gloves as I bend down pick up the pieces that have fallen just under the fence that makes the boarder between our yard and the forest.  Just as I am standing up again I hear a snuffle and a snort from the other side under a tree, about 4 meters away from me. 

  I look up to see a drowsy bear saying "hello" to me in bear language.  My response is not to give any greetings, I just pack up the remnants of the feeder and high tail it into the house.  I guess that the bear was pretty drowsy because he is supposed to be hibernating.  If he wasn’t so sleepy I might have looked more like this to him.

  I called up some of the neighbours and called the city  and hope they put a new sign.

  Usually the only wildlife I like to deal with are smaller and cuter! 

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