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Sally vs Chicken

January 6, 2009
  A few weeks ago my brother introduced me to an application on Facebook that I couldn’t resist.  It is a little pet that you can keep care of, and as you do so you earn “coins” that you can use to purchase items to decorate the little animal’s habitat.  You can choose from a selection of different animals and name it whatever you wish.  Your choices for interaction with the little cyber critter include; feed, tickle, clean and playdate.  These interactions make your little animated pet change from being downcast, dirty and mopey to a sparkling, bouncing, joyful creature.  You can also interact with the pets your friends have in the same way.
  I picked out a cute little chicken character and named it “Chicken.”  My brother’s animal is a cute little sheep he called “Wooly.”  We regularly tickle, wash, feed and playdate with each other’s pets and I like to see what items he has added to Wooly’s habitat.
  Last night I experienced a bit of irony. Before getting online I was playing with my real life pet, Sally our hamster.  She manages to keep herself clean and loves being fed treats, so I gave her a piece of apple and later put her in her ball to roll around for exercise.  Being of real flesh and blood, she has appetites that vary and this time she wasn’t interested in exercise for the moment.  She rolled into the kitchen and sat in a corner, so after a time I put her back in her cage.  What I didn’t realize was that when I made some adjustments in one area of her tube system, one of the connections became loose.
  By now Sally was back in her cage and I returned to the computer to check on “Chicken,” and Jeff had gone to bed.  A bit later he called me upstairs and asked if I had let Sally run loose to run around in the bedroom, which I sometimes do, but under supervision.  We realized that she had made her escape, Sally had taken matters into her own paws.  She really didn’t want to roll around in the ball, tonight she preferred to run around on her own so that she could climb, sniff and scratch.  Sally asserted herself above my cyber pet and got what every hamster loves, a bit of freedom. 
  The story ends after Sally was found sniffing behind the door in the bathroom and then being returned her to her cage with a empty toilet paper roll to play with.  She preferred to have a snack and hit the hay.  I decided to do the same and let Chicken wait for another day.
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