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It’s Raining Again, hooray!

January 6, 2009
  I heard on the radio that Eastern Canada is mocking Vancouverites for complaining about the snow we got because the rest of Canada is used to it.  The BC response was not very polite. 
  Having lived in Alberta for most of my life, I recall that winter conditions are a bit different there.  Municipalities outside of the west coast bubble usually have planned somewhere to put the snow and have enough plows to deal with it.  Most homeowners have essentials like gloves and several snow shovels, or even snow blowers.  Many drivers have winter tires and skills for driving on snow and icy conditions. 
   In the Vancouver area it is not so neat.  I can put up with driving in some snow, but watching other drivers spin their tires and whip around like it is still summertime on black ice is enough to chill the bones.  Less then half of businesses and homeowners seem to bother shovelling the sidewalks. 
   Even the animals are caught by surprise, as I saw on the news at the animal rescue that many wild animals like possums are being brought in that are freezing and hungry.  We have been putting out seeds for birds, but it looks like the only takers have been some very frisky squirrels.  There were seven chowing down at our sunflower seed buffet when I checked this morning.  One thing I witnessed today that I would have never seen in Alberta, a worm on the side of the street in the melting runoff.  I hope the worms from my garden have all nestled in my composter.
  It looks like our snow is on the way out, and that pleases me to no end.  I had enough of it from the first snowflake and we can go back to the normal concerns of trying to dry out our umbrellas somewhere.
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