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Happy New Year’s!

December 31, 2008
  Happy New Year’s everyone! 
  For your reading pleasure, a list of reasons why metro Vancouver should not have any snow…
  1.  Snow plow budget of city less then the budget for the Gay Pride Parade. 
  2.  Actual quote (or approximation of quote) from Mayor of one municipality, "we don’t want to spend all that money for one major snow storm, so just get over it."
  3.  White fire hydrants in municipality of Delta.
  4.  Most people don’t own the following; snow shovel, ice scraper, winter boots.  Rubber boots and an umbrella in a snowstorm just makes the people visiting laugh until milk snorts out their noses.
  5.  And finally, if we wanted to live in ‘Winterpeg’ we would have moved there by now.  (Everyone loves folks from Winnepeg, but the weather really bites.)
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