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I’ll be home for Christmas

December 24, 2008
  I am not singing in the rain this Christmas, someone wished for a white Christmas and this year they got it in spades (or some other symbol that is all white).  Vancouver airport is on the top of the newscast everyday because of the weather related delays. 

 Thankfully, my family has arrived safe and sound and are with me for the holidays, now I just have to wait for my brother to come from Vancouver as he is taking the skytrain.  I wish that we had a sled with jingle bells to go and pick him up and we would be laughing all the way.
     We have had about 40 cm of snow so far as of this morning over the last few days and we are expecting another 30 cm today and it is not forcasted to stop anytime soon.  I am looking forward to the long range forcast in January when the rain is supposed to return.  In the meantime we had some fun walking in the snow through the forest.
  Stick around and after I shovel the driveway I will upload some more pictures.  They boys are serving pancakes, so I am going to stuff my face!
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