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I’ve been shot!

December 15, 2008
  Just a little public service message here.  Some of you might have plans for the new year to go travelling to warm places now that the winter chill has set in.  Oh, it’s fine and dandy as long as we have Christmas to look forward to, but most of us seek warm places when the leftovers and chocolates have all been consumed. 
  Before you make that exotic trip, don’t forget to get your vaccinations up to date.  Even if you are not going on a trip, you should get some boosters on a regular basis.  I just got two updated, and I was grumpy for the last three days.  But now I can feel more secure when I am digging in my garden without gloves in the spring (I often take them off to get a better feel of things) that I won’t be at risk for tetanus.  And when that measles or mumps outbreak happens I won’t be worried about being puffy or spotted.
  So check out your immunization status with your doctor or public health unit.  It could save you some trouble in the long run.
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