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Compost troubles

December 8, 2008

     A week or so after Halloween I decided it was time to retire our pumpkin.  As I do with all my kitchen type waste I put it into the compost and since we live in an area frequented by bears, I was careful to cover it with leaves and other composted material.  As you probably can tell by my blogging about it, the story didn’t end here with the pumpkin eventually turning into a nice loam.

   Our composter is a durable "earth machine" that we picked up from the city a while ago. 

  I have been using it to make rich soil from our kitchen bits and grass clippings for several years now with no problems except a colony of ants that lived in there last spring. 

   As this story continues, one afternoon I noticed the gate to the back opened.  I went back to investigate and noticed that the top portion of the composter had been knocked off.  Although I didn’t see it, I believe that it was a bear that was responsible as there was one in the area.  He didn’t touch the pumpkin or anything else that I could tell, guess he was just being nosey.

  Since it was dry out the last couple of days I finally got a chance to put it back together and replace the contents for the worms to work on.  They have done a marvelous job and I was able to put a good amount of black soil into the garden from it this time and I hope that the winter rye will appreciate it.

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