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Canadians scooping up Olympic tix

November 13, 2008
  The Vancouver Olympic organizing committee is all a twitter with delight with the success of ticket sales in Phase One.  Canadians had their first opportunity to request and purchase tickets to the 2010 Vancouver games recently and did so with tremendous zeal.
  Click on this link to read the article;  Requests for 2010 Olympic Tickets Submitted in Record Numbers
  According to the news release, we (I am one of the people with a checkout receipt sitting on my desk for games tickets), have requested four and a half times the value of tickets available in the first phase, amounting to a value of 345 million. An estimated 120 of 170 sessions will be allocated by lottery.  That means that everyone wants to go to see the gold medal men’s hockey game, and everyone who put in their request will have an equal chance at buying tickets they requested, as well as 119 other sessions.
      "More than 140,000 tickets were requested for the men’s gold medal hockey game."
  We requested the hockey game, not because we really covet the chance to attend, but because it would be really cool to have the opportunity to go if we wanted, or find someone who really yearned to go and give them the opportunity.  I would be just as happy going to see some curling!  And pin trading, and beer gardens and art ceremonies, and preliminaries for just about anything.  I can see myself going to an event with representatives from countries far away competing.  I could enliven a section to adopt a nation and cheer for them with raw enthusiasm that only someone with real experience cheering in BC place can muster.  They might need to get ear plugs just to compete because I would be so loud and boisterous.
  Anyway, thinking about it is making me excited and I am really looking forward to welcoming the world to my piece of the planet.  I expect we will also be inviting friends from Alberta, relatives from Saskatchewan, acquaintances from Quebec…  and I say, "welcome to Beautiful British Columbia!"
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