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November 11, 2008
  Jeff was lucky enough to win a couple of board games this month and last night we tried one of them out.  It is called “Commands and Colors Ancients” and involves battling Romans and Cartheginians with little wooden markers representing troops.  Since we were just learning to play the game we took our time trying to understand the moves, and since it was getting later in the evening I decided to take out Sally, our hamster, to play with. 
  I set Sally down on the board and she walked around, sniffing as she went.  To our surprise when she found a Roman piece she picked it up and put it in her mouth!  Before we could say, “arrivederci Roman,” she had stuffed it into her little cheek pouch.  I scooped her up, but she was not giving up the piece.  We weren’t too worried because we knew we had spares and she would take it out eventually.  Poor little Sally, she was only doing what comes naturally and she was laughed at for a good half an hour until we retrieved the piece and gave her an apple slice in exchange.
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