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October 17, 2008
  I got up this morning, and like any morning I prepare to go to work I have my bowl of oatmeal.  Since Sally, our hamster, has come to live with us, I have shared a small portion of that oatmeal with her served in a tiny bowl.  Even if she is fast asleep from her action filled night of running on her wheel and chewing on her bars, when she hears my voice and the opening of the cage door she shows her spunk and gets up for breakfast.  ( I am never that spunky in the morning. )  So, this morning I bring her little bowl of oatmeal, but I don’t see her in the nest.  I look around the other parts of the cage and I still don’t see her.  Then I notice the opening in the tube on one end of her habitrail set, and I come to the realization that theere is no Sally in her cage.
  My first thoughts are of suprise (I thought that was really secure!) and that I was going to be late for work (don’t panic, she might not have found a hole to squeeze into that leads her into the walls).  I called for help from Jeff and started to look for her.  I found evidence of her trek on the stairs, where I found a discarded candy.  I guess she doesn’t have as much of a sweet tooth as I do, but I have no idea where she found that jelly bean.
  I had only begun my search, when I thought I heard a noise.  I began to call for her in a calm tone of voice and who should appear from underneath the couch, was my little hamster!  To my amazement she came right up to me and let me scoop her up.  She was equally cooperative to let me put her back into her cage and she gulped down her oatmeal followed by a long drink of water.
  Jeff and I have checked that she is in her nest repeatedly today.  The little scamp!
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