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Thanksgiving trip to the prairies

October 16, 2008

  For thanksgiving this year we decided to take a trip to Calgary to spend time with family.  We left on an absolutely gorgeous day from the airport in Abbotsford.  We were treated with a perfect view of mount Baker in the background as we watched planes come and go at the sedate airfield while we waited for our flight.  We had a special treat as a stunt pilot was practicing airshow maneuvers, including loops, flying upside down, hammerhead stalls and other precision moves.  I have never been so well entertained waiting for a flight. 

  We like to fly out of Abbotsford because it is not too far away from our place and with only two gates it is so much more calm then Vancouver international.  And cheaper parking, too.  The second picture isn’t the stunt plane, but the mountain in behind is a good shot.

  When we arrived in Calgary, we stayed with Jeff’s dad, and mine came to visit as well.  We had a lovely visit and thanksgiving dinner, and also spent some great time with Jeff’s mom in the care home she is living in.  She was always full of smiles for us.

   As a gift for my birthday, I got a couple of tickets to the football game and we all went to watch the titanic battle between the Stampeders and the Roughriders.  I dressed in my green, stuck a Saskatchewan logo tattoo on my cheek and cheered my lungs out.



  The game was a sellout with lots of green fans in the stands.  The couple beside us were wearing watermelons on their heads!


  Unfortunately, the Calgary touchdown celebration horse got to do it run a few too many times and the Roughriders lost.

  There was nothing to complain about, because afterwards we went out to Mother Tucker’s for dinner.  They have exceptionally delicious Alberta beef.

              I was also treated for an outing to the Deane house, which is a historic house near downtown Calgary that is now a quaint restaurant. 



  Before I knew it, it was time to go home and we made our return trip to Calgary Airport.  I love the Westjet lounge there, they have a few really comfy seats, lots of windows and great shops. 


I picked up some sour candies to enjoy on the plane.  Anyone who knows me knows that I really love my sugary sweets.  I have plowed my way through a Costco size bag of Jellybelly beans mostly by myself.

  The sweet shop in the waiting lounge had an irresistable box of jellybeans with a conundrum of flavours. 

    Usually they have nice flavours like "juicy pear and peach."  This box has those flavours plus a set of the same colours but with flavours like, "booger and vomit."  I am saving them for halloween to share with people who dare to try them with me. 

  Today I was able to sleep in and enjoy a quiet day at home doing laundry and watching some television.  All in all a satisfying holiday.   

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