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Rain changes plans

October 6, 2008
   I am not sure if fall is my favorite time of year when it is raining.  I really love getting out and about on cool fall days when the leaves are changing color and drifting from the treetops, but it is not the same if everything is wet.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the rain, in fact I appreciate all the benefits it brings.  In my province we get clean power because we use hydro to generate electricity.  Yesterday we went for a walk by the creek and noticed that the water is getting deeper and the flow has reversed because of the fall rain.  The small salmon are getting bigger and pretty fast too.  Soon they will be big enough to make their trip to the ocean.
  Our city had a harvest festival this weekend and for the first time in living here for six years we decided to go.  They had many booths and people to chat with, a stage with music and cultural presentations, and fun things for kids to do.  We were planning to stay longer and it was pleasently warm and sunny when we arrived but within a couple of hours a heavy rain came down and everyone had to go for cover.  We went home and had a nap watching the football game.  In my opinion, not a bad thing to do when it is wet out.
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