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Campaigns and Other Aches

October 3, 2008
  We are having an federal election in Canada.  Last night I watched the Canadian leaders debate.  Although maybe not as popular as the American vice presidential debate, it was somewhat informative.  It was difficult to watch at times, especially at the beginning since the discussion on the economy seemed to go on forever and didn’t seem to get anywhere.  The format of the round table was interesting but I missed being able to see the facial reaction of the other candidates.  It was almost like watching a poker tournament on TSN.   I don’t agree with Rex Murphy on CBC, that there should be more then one English language debate.  One was more then enough for me, more might just cause headaches!
  I am really glad that the Green Party was participating.   It made for a lot more balance and the points that Elizabeth May made were refreshing.  She said things that every other candidate skirts around because it may upset people.  She was also very balanced and showed herself knowledgeable in many topics.  I felt that all candidates had a clear bias towards Eastern Canada.  For instance when Jack Layton was responding to the question on the arts, he said that Toronto was the place where movies were made without mentioning BC. 
  I have e-mailed each of my local candidates with some simple questions.  I am looking forward to seeing when and if I get a response from each.  So far I have had a reply from the liberal campaign office and an ad from the conservatives. 
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