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To my wormy fans, uh.. I mean, worm fans!

September 23, 2008
  Fall is officially upon us in the northern hemisphere. (Spring for those who are kickin’ it down under, lucky ducks). The cooler days have arrived and the leaves are beginning to lose their cover of chlorophyll to reveal an explosion of color.  With the arrival of fall in my locale we also have the more frequent arrival of showers and cloudy days, larger spiders and worms under my mat by the back door.  Isn’t that a cozy image?
  We have a convenient sliding door from our kitchen to the back door where I have my kitchen garden on the patio.  Late into the fall we are still able to harvest fresh carrots and lettuce for lunches and stews.  I often tippy toe out in my socks or slippers to snatch a sprig of old spinach for our hamster, Sally, as a treat.  Since we don’t want to track in bits of grit, I put a scrap of carpet out in front of the door.  Unfortunately, when it rains, the mat gets quite wet and soaks up the puddles like a sponge.  I lifted it up the other day after an evening deluge and discovered that the area had turned into a worm red light district!  No less then seven red wigglers were having an all out orgy.  To their dismay I had stumbled upon their den of iniquity and hung up their bordello to dry out. 
  The preceding short story was inspired by the person who was googling "WKRP red wigglers the cadillac of worms" and discovered my blog which was listed as number eight.  Here is my attempt to climb the ladder to become one of the top five!  If there is enough demand, next time I will blog about the large spiders.
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