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Don’t eat your ballot

September 17, 2008
    October 14th, 2008 is the 40th general election in Canada.  No matter what your interest is in Canadian politics, our democracy hinges on the participation of the people. 
 With that in mind, I have one thing to emphasize, "VOTE!"  
     Candidates have until September 22nd to file their papers to run, so not all ridings have finalized their list of candidates.  I found out more information by going to the elections Canada website.  There I learned several interesting tidbits, including  how to get time off of work to vote and how it is against the elections act to eat your ballot.  You can edify yourself as well by visiting the Elections Canada website. 
     You can watch the leaders debate on television on October 1st and 2nd (French and English) on CBC television, including Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party.  If you hadn’t heard about it, she was shunned by the leaders of the conservative party and the NDP, as they refused to participate if she were allowed to be a part of the debate.  Canadians of all stripes were appalled at the slap in the face of democracy and resulted in Jack and Stephen having to back pedal, allowing the media consortium had to reverse it’s decision not to include her.  Here is the link to the online petition.
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