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Welcome Sally

August 20, 2008
  It was just another trip to take some donated pillows to the SPCA, and we came home with something more that we anticipated. 
   A couple of years ago I put a large box in the break room at work with a note asking people to donate old pillows and linens for animals at the SPCA.  Every month or so I take a trip there and bring the donated items.  A friend of mine told me how the animals need the comfort of old towels, blankets and cushions in the kennels while they are waiting for a new forever home.  I am so happy that I am able to take in lots of left behind pillows, because the animals need the comfort.  Yesterday I learned they also use them to nest and cuddle the animals at the vet hospital after surgery.
  We had an amazing four big bags to take in this time, and the ladies at the front desk of the busy shelter were so nice to us and very grateful.  As usual, we couldn’t pass up a short visit with the animals before we went on our way. 
  We went into the rodent room and saw four cages, one empty bird cage, another with a drowsy pigeon, one with a shy guinea pig, and a small one tucked into the corner with a sleeping hamster.  Not wanting to disturb the hamster, I talked to the guinea pig named Lulu.  She skittered into her house when I got close.  By then to my surprise, the hamster had woken up and was checking us out by sniffing through the bars of her cage.  I couldn’t resist and I let her out to play with her a bit.  She wasn’t shy at all and walked around on the floor, exploring the small room while we kept her from trouble.  She let us pick her up to say, “hello,” and was entirely gentle.  I enquired about her, and found out she had been at the shelter for three months, so that was it, we knew she needed to a home and be spoiled.
  Sally, our new hamster came home with us, and napped in her SPCA cage until the evening when I had a chance to wash our supplies and set up her bigger cage.  She had a couple of treats, including a small piece of spinach (eaten very quickly), a bit of fresh carrot (also consumed in haste) and a small piece of banana (eaten carefully because it is so slippery).  She then had an exciting evening in her new cage, exploring, digging, climbing, rearranging, nesting and doing many of the usual hamster related activities.  Overnight she made herself comfortable in her little corner house and I found her sleeping there this morning.  Hamsters are nocturnal and she will be awake again this evening for a night filled with more hamster hijinx.  Maybe she will be introduced to the hamster ball!
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  1. Unknown permalink
    August 23, 2008 11:03

    Congrats on the newest addition to your household. To be honest, I was surprised it took you so long to get another one!

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