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BC Summer

August 2, 2008
  Yesterday I attended a friend’s wedding.  The ceremony was held at a golf course, outdoors in a tent and was absolutely lovely.  The day was warm but not hot, as showers came and went to make the green landscape crisp and bright.  A butterfly and a few dragonflies took shelter and witnessed the vows along with the rest of the family and friends, and when the beautiful bride walked down the aisle with her beaming new husband the butterfly flew loops overhead.  Everyone had lots of fun and I know their life together will be the same as the groom has such a great sense of humour, he had everyone laughing during the ceremony, showing off his nervousness with a smile.  They are both a generous couple and the reception afterwards reflected their joy. 
   As a result of that generosity and joy I had to sleep in a bit this morning.  I just love a walk in my garden to check out what mother nature has changed from day to day and week to week and today was no exception.  This morning some of my strawberries have turned soggy because of the several days of rain, but my blueberries are bursting with flavour.  I tasted a handful before breakfast.  I am not sure I will have a more delightfully sensual experience watching the fireworks festival tonight then that taste of home grown blueberries eaten the instant they were picked. 
  I read once that there are several kinds of gardeners.  Some plan and stategize, some go with impulse and fill in every spot available and then there is some who fall in between.  I used to think I was the in between type, but I have been drifting towards the impulsive gardener.  Spaces in the patio blocks have flower seeds that have grown into tall plants and have been left to grow in my back yard.  A squash and a tomato that have grown out of the compost bin are developing in flowers as I write and seem to be getting healthier every day.  Maybe next year I will move more towards the planning type.  And maybe the Saskatchewan Roughriders will win the Grey Cup again.
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