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Are you fan enough?

May 30, 2008
  The BC Lions have sent a preview of their television commercials to the media and we were extras in the shooting!  You can watch a sneak preview clip (they are very funny) on Global BC Sattelite Debris here;
ARE YOU FAN ENOUGH???    Click on the May 30th clips and it is at the end of the segment.
  You can see Jeff clearly in the second commercial on the left hand side of the man in the suit,  he is all painted up.  I am in the back row, so I don’t stand out, but you can sure hear us yelling!  We also dragged my brother, Steven with us that day (he came willingly) and he is in there briefly in the front row ahead of Jeff.  You can see his cheek and shoulder.  It was sure a fun day!
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  1. Unknown permalink
    June 4, 2008 05:00

    Very cool, being in the commercial! Greg and I just watched both and had to laugh. I guess you guys are fans enough!

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