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Potato, potato, potato!

May 25, 2008
  We had a break in the rain on my days off and I took the opportunity to plant my garden.  I am a little late getting started, but better late then never.
    One of the things I like to plant is potatoes.  I picked up some potato seed, picked out a good spot in the garden plot and proceeded to prepare the soil to plant the little spuds.  To my suprise I found a few leftover potato friends from last season, stretching their little potato eyes to the surface.  I gently gathered them up and relocated them together in a row. As I continued I found more potatoes, and then more… I thought I had dug up the garden a lot better last fall!  Now I was regretting that I bought more potato seed because I don’t really have all that much space.  Then I remembered that I could put more then one potato in a hill, and decided even if I couldn’t I would anyway. 
  That was three days ago.  I am back at work and it is warm, bright and sunny.  (It figures!)  I took a peek at my garden to see how things are coming and noticed a couple more spots where trailblazing spuds are coming up, one by the fence, and one right in the middle of the carrots.  If things goes on as they have started out, I predict a bumper crop of spuds this fall.  Can you say potato three times really fast? 
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