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Happy Victoria day!

May 19, 2008
    I meant to do my gardening today as I have been at work all weekend but the weather people were wrong and it started raining at eight this morning instead of in the evening.  It is just a few showers and it’s a lot cooler now then the last few days when it was close to 30 Celcius, so it is really pleasant. Guess I will just have to go shopping at the green house!  This year I plan to plant potatoes in old tires my neighbour has kindly given me.  You stack a couple of the tires and plant the potatoes and when they come up you add another tire and some more dirt and then you can have them grow upwards more, taking advantage of the warmth that they give the plant from the heat absorption with the black tires.  At harvest it is easy to find your potatoes because you just take apart the tires. 
  We are still following hockey as the last series before the Stanley cup is being played, yesterday was the final for the international hockey competition, Canada lost to Russia :(, and the Memorial cup (junior hockey) is being played.
  In one series of the NHL, the Dallas Stars are playing the Detroit Red Wings.  After watching a movie, Jeff and I were talking about how there is a different attitude towards gun ownership in Canada then in the United States, and how the gun culture is even more ingrained in Texas.  It made me think about what it would be like to go see a Dallas Stars game and I wonder if you have to be careful about cheering for your team.  Would people get the wrong idea if you shouted, "shoot the puck!" or "shoot! Shoot!"? 
  To all my Canadian readers, Happy Victoria day!  To my lovely American readers I wish you a happy Memorial day and ask you, what do you memorialize?
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