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It’s a great night for a hockey game, let’s play two!

March 26, 2008
  It was a busy week for hockey fans in Vancouver.  The Vancouver Giants have been in a series with the Chilliwack Bruins.  The game on Tuesday night was a real hum-dinger, they tied it up in the third period and went into overtime.  The overtime continued through three extra periods, just short of another whole game by one minute!  The Giants came through and scored when they were all about to fall over from the workout of back to back games.  The scoring chances were all nailbiters by the end, at one point I saw the puck roll in front of the Bruin’s net and then get swept out of the way after a few seconds. During the period breaks the guys had pizza and milkshakes to keep them going.  Many fans stuck it out to the end as well.  I think everyone was relieved to see the 4th longest game in WHL history go into the books.
  Going into the game tonight you could tell that the players were still a little worn out, although Vancouver did a great job with their shots on goal in the first compared to the Bruins.  The series has wrapped up with a Vancouver win.  Now we will have to see who makes it to the next round.  Go Giants!
  The Vancouver Canucks are still in a struggle for a playoff spot and things are not looking so hot with a few losses as of late. 
  One of the big controversies is that their goalie, Roberto Luongo is looking at becoming a first time father in the next few weeks.  Seems that Mrs Luongo is expecting on or about April 12th and this is making some fans and the media a bit nervous about losing their favorite goalie during the playoff push as he would leave to be with his wife for the impending birth and the first few days of the baby’s arrival.
  I would just like to say to all the Luongo watchers out there that things have really changed in the world of fatherhood and hockey since the days of Rocket Richard.  In the 50’s a man might spend the day moving his house, then get a call and play in a playoff game.  Back then he probably would have not participated with the birth of his children and have even less to do with the baby until it could hold a stick and say "puck".  Things are much different now, fathers are very much a part of the support that a mother has in the birth of their child.  The relationship of the family is being built at the time of the birth and being a part of it is priceless to dads.  They learn alot about caring for their child and bonding during the first few hours and days, and pave the way for an ongoing supportive relationship with the new mother.  If Roberto chooses to be a modern father and have a chance just like most of the new dads today then he should have the opportunity to be present for the birth of his first born and not have a second thought about the Canucks.  That is the reason there is a backup goalie!  Curtis Sandford understands this as well, and in his comments to the media he shared his opinions that Roberto should have the opportunity to be with his wife. 
  Roberto Luongo should be supported in being with his wife during the birth and the first few days after the baby is born and media and fans shouldn’t give it a second thought. 
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