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American Spy Sattelite Crashes!

February 22, 2008
American Spy Satellite Crashes on Canadian Soil!
  A satellite launched by the United States of America went awry when it’s innards failed to deploy to go to higher orbit.  The government then decided the best option would be to destroy the spy satellite so that it would not be a danger to the security of the nation. 
  The mission was entitled "Operation Burnt Frost," and on Wednesday night a Navy cruiser fired a missile at the errant space junk in order to blast it from orbit.  News media claims that the missile made a direct hit but that pieces of the satellite were expected to enter the atmosphere over British Columbia.  Citizens are concerned about the fuel tanks of the satellite that contain a highly toxic and dangerously unstable chemical called HYDRAZINE. 
    Local news feeds have proved conclusively that the Navy missile only struck a glancing blow against the spy satellite and instead of destroying it merely caused it to deorbit and crash to Earth.  See photo below.
 Spy Satellite crashed to Earth in British Columbia, Canada.  Note the distinctive American markings and the 3/4 full hydrazine fuel cell.  If you see one of these do not touch!  Instead, contact local authorities.
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