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Other Olympic mascots

February 21, 2008
  Official.  That is the big word for the Olympics, either you are it or you are little people.  Well, in the real world things aren’t as cut and dry and the people will have their say regardless.  Take the example of Fatso, the fat-arsed wombat.  He was "the battler’s prince" in opposition to the official Sydney Olympic mascots.  They even made a statue of him.
  It is begining here in Vancouver.  There is a rumbling of support for the unofficial mascot, Mukmuk, who was created and introduced by the same people who made the official mascots, but has not been developed furthur then the computer screen on the mascot website.  There is a group on Facebook supporting his progression to offical-ness, and the Vancouver Sun is starting a campaign, asking for drawings, ideas and thoughts on why he should be a full fledged mascot.  Free Mukmuk Vancouver Sun article
  Then there is the people who champion the voice of the poor.  Bless their initiative in speaking for those who are down trodden and overlooked when events such as the Olympics roll into town. Several groups have gotten together earlier in the month and they held the "Poverty Olympics."  I am not sure I could even make it over the "welfare hurdles" and the "poverty line high jump."  They too came up with mascots.  Itchy the Bedbug, Creepy the Cockroach and Chewy the Rat.poverty mascots photo
  That is the strength of the mascot, he will be your friend, even if he is unofficial.
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