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February 1, 2008
  I have to admit, for the last few months our bathroom sink faucet has been on it last dying gasps.  In order not to drip, the hot water tap had to be forced closed and leaned on.  At times afterwards it would still drip and I would swear at it.  Something along the lines of, "you dirty, stinking tap!  I hate you!"  We had replaced the washers before, but they don’t make the right size anymore, and then the seat was corroded and deteriorating.  When you did turn it on the squeal was something like dragging your fingernails across a chalkboard.  I had stopped using the hot water tap for that reason and because the cold was still normal I would freeze my hands off whenever I washed them.
  So today was a momentous day when we decided enough was enough and we would replace it.  It begun by turning the water off and removing the rusted, encrusted and incredibly awful nuts that were holding the old taps on.  We had to get a basin wrench to get into the space to remove them. 
  With a trip to the store we got our special tool and with some harsh words and hard work we had removed the old and prepared for the new.  We also picked up the new taps.
  After one more trip to the store for some new risers (the old one were short by a nose) we had a shiny, pretty new bathroom tap which was simple to attach.  I am very happy!
Hold your mouse over the pictures for captions!
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