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A picture is worth one thousand words

January 25, 2008
  We just got back from a lovely trip to Victoria.  One problem, to our regret we didn’t pack our camera.  Guess I will have to write one thousand words!  The weather was cool but sunny so the vistas were fabulous, starting with the ferry ride. We saw so many birds eagles and herons, seagulls, water birds of all sorts.  One day we took a stroll by the shore close to sunset and the sky was pink and blue with a full moon over the water and snow covered mountains in the distance on the horizon.  Our hosts took us to a spot where we got to see a seal.  Kids were feeding him bits of fish, so he was close and very friendly swimming around by the dock.  One day we took their dog for a walk by the local college.  Everyone was out enjoying the day, including college students, squirrels, lots of little songbirds, and a cat under a tree.
  Another thing we really enjoyed about our trip was playing board games.  Jeff got a new game called "Mmmm, Brains!"  It is a quick and funny little game from the makers of "Zombies!" I was quite proud that I won several times.  I think that is because I am so brainy!
  Today we are back at home and we still have some sunshine.  It is quite cold out, so I have been feeding the little animals in my backyard.  First came the squirrels (3 kinds) to eat up all the peanuts.  Today they had company, two crows joined in the peanut gathering. They must be quite hungry!  The juncos and varied thrushes joined in too, and the buffet was quite busy.
  Okay, so this entry was short on one thousand words (closer to 300), but next time I will make an effort to bring the camera and post some pictures.
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