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Concept cars

January 20, 2008
  I just read an article on concept cars from the Detroit Auto show.  MSN article on Detroit Auto Show.

  To tell you the truth, I think that the auto industry is underacheiving.  The top ten cars included such "innovations" as

  • a more powerful diesel engine
  • a prettied up hybrid to encorporate ‘east’ and ‘west’ styling
  • a luxury coupe
  • a premium hybrid sports sedan (this one does show some thought but it still just goes over the same themes)
  • smaller car with larger windows
  • a sports Hummer
  • a luxury hybrid Landrover
  • an assortment of sports cars that would look more in place on a racetrack

  These are not my idea of concept cars.  I had a discussion on futuristic cars with my husband over the holidays and we learned about a car that has an autopilot.  The driver would be only sitting in the car to take over if anything were to go wrong like a flat tire.  There are cars developed already that can take you to your destination, navigate up to highway speed traffic, avoid obstacles, obey traffic laws, yield to pedestrians and in essence do everything that you would be able to do if you were sitting in the driver’s seat.  You could just sit back relax.

  And then of course is the truly energy efficient cars.  How about a hydrogen powered car with door to car delivery of fuel like the milkman?

  I say enough of the bigger and bigger cars that are hybrids.  You are losing all the energy effeciency by having to push around the huge mass.  And who needs the big space really?  Most everyone I see in those things is travelling alone or with one other passenger.  I don’t accept the excuse of "I need it for the weekend" since they take it out to work and shopping anyways.  Rent one for the holidays and have a smaller car for everyday instead!

  The automobile industry needs to be refreshed.

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