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Snow Problem

December 13, 2007
  I have to admit it, I live under a bubble.  By this I mean that the weather where I live is much different from the surrounding country and it only takes a little to be reminded of it.  Today I went for a Christmas lunch with friends from work to Horizon’s restaurant on Burnaby mountain.  Mostly everyone didn’t remember the "mountain" part and were quite suprised that while it was raining at home, up there it was snowing like crazy.  Everyone who made it to the top had a discussion on the best way to drive in the snow to prevent fishtailing.  Even with an automatic, just put the car into a lower gear and make small adjustments, driving slowly.  Everyone had a good time in the end and made it down safely afterwards.  The scenery was lovely even if we couldn’t see the city.
    I do want to add something to the person who took an umbrella from one of the people in our group.  You took something that didn’t belong to you and you know it.  The umbrella stand at the front of the restaurant is not a rack of free items.  That was a lousy and cheap thing to do and you should be ashamed of yourself.
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