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Seasons and Advent

December 5, 2007
  It is interesting how the seasons change even when we may not be prepared for it.  In the spring we have our cleaning lists, but they may not get done well past the summer.  In the summer we make plans to do so much but find that there is not enough weekends to do all that we wish.  In the fall we may need to take the time to prepare ourselves before the colder weather comes, like winterizing the car but many of us get caught unprepared.
  That is the nice thing about advent.  It gives us a chance to ease into Christmas and prepare our mental and spiritual selves.  I dislike the commercial excitement that is so artificial and that is so pervasive and comes much too soon. When it comes to what Christmas really is about, Christian faith and spirituality, I look forward to advent.
  This week we brought out our Christmas decoration box and I put together the candle wreath for the table.  I have started to visit a daily devotional website celebrating the season of advent once again.  Following The Star  Whatever way you prepare for Christmas I hope you find the time to reflect on what it means to you and accept the change along with the season.
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