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Just some ranting and raging.

November 23, 2007
  Last weekend we got surveyed to find out how we commuted to get to the Lions’s game.  It made me think about what is available to get to large sports events in Vancouver, especially since there was a big football game (about 55,000 people attending) and a hockey game the same night.  Other places I have been to have special incentives to go the game by transit, such as a discounted rate for a round trip, park and rides, and extra buses and trains.  Translink in the Vancouver area has none of that, it would take us hours to get to the game from our home and then even more to get back since we would have to wait for our turn to get onto much overcrowded buses and skytrain.  I would love to drive to a parking lot closer to home and pay five bucks (or thereabouts) for a round trip to get on a bus with a crowd of other fans and go to the game.  Unfortunately that is not in the thoughts of translink.  They should be more creative.
  NFL coming to Canada?
  We have a great league here in Canada for football, the CFL.  If an American team starts up in the east it will ruin what we have going for our national game.  Many years ago (during the Trudeau years I belive) the NFL tried to start a team in Canada, but parliament passed a bill that prevented it based on a threat to our national identity.  Of course you know that would not fly in today’s political climate and with free trade being around but the basis is still there.  It would not be helpful for it to be linked with season’s tickets for a CFL team either because you would be spreading things too thin.  Face it, Grey Cup is the end of our season and it works for Canadians because after that everyone is more interested in the hockey season.  Our cities can barely make one team work and pay for the stadium, having another competitor that is not in the same league and helping promote our Canadian culture would muck things up for the CFL, possibly even ending it.  Do you want to see 95 years of tradition go down the tank?  If you want to see and NFL team play, get out your passport and take a day trip down south.  If the NFL wants to expand, then expand in your own country close to the boarder and make ticket offers to boarder hopping Canucks.  Looking at the 3 hour wait today coming north I would say that there are just a few.
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