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Who is hungry for the cup?

November 20, 2007
  Well, you may have heard about it, but the BC Lions are not going to be participating the Grey Cup this year.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders won the western division final and are advancing to play in the big game for the first time since 1989.  Yes, that was the last year that Saskatchewan won the Grey Cup and I am sure that the entire province is buzzing with Grey Cup fever this week.
  Before I talk furthur about Rider Pride I must take a moment to reflect on what a great time I had at the western final.  The attendance was huge, at about 55,000 people.  The players had been growing moustaches for the playoffs, so many of the fans came sporting them as well.   Many fans were dressed in their team colours and the orange dominated the stadium which was pretty full!  There was also vast sections of green. The noise was tremendous with everyone cheering for the team. The Lions did a great job and the game was entertaining.  Naturally, most who attended would have preferred if the Lions were victorious, but I went in knowing
that I would be happy and sad whatever the outcome as they are my two favourite teams.
On one side of my face Jeff painted a BC logo and on the other I had a a Saskatchewan stick-on tattoo.  I even sewed an appropriate shirt for myself to wear.
  The black parts are the stick on moustaches they gave out at the street party.  The atmosphere at the game was fantastic!  The roof was bright because it was an afternoon game and everyone was really excited. 
  We had a great season, it was lots of fun!  Now on to the 95th Grey Cup!  Saskatchewan vs Winnepeg.  Who are you going to cheer for??
  Go Riders! Go!  Only 120 hours to go until kick off! It’s Rider Pride all the way!  Whoo-woo!
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