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Unreality and car commercials

October 27, 2007
  October is  a fun month for those of us who enjoy watching sports on television.  You have so much to choose from, football, baseball, hockey…
  One of the side effects from watching sports on television is that the advertisers think that we should be buying new cars and trucks.  Over the past week I have seen a plethora of vehicle commercials and I can tell you I am a little tired of them.  Car commercials are almost turning into the alcohol commercials of the past.  I am referring to the time when rules came into effect that limited the advertisers of beer, wine and hard alcohol could no longer show people drinking the product.  Car commercials are not able to show much of the reality of automobiles. 
    The reality of automobiles is that most of the time the car or truck is just a thing where we get from point "A" to point "B" easier then by taking public transit, and if you live on the same planet I do, you will be around other cars and maybe even have to deal with heavy traffic. Also the car is putting out pollution when you use it.  What bugs me is that if you watch car commercials they always show their product alone, speeding along the road, no other traffic.  The skies are clear blue and sunny, the driver is happy and carefree (if you see them at all).  Another one shows a man getting up early to take his car for a spin, just for the sheer joy of driving around then returns to bed.
  The advertisers are selling something other then a car or truck, they are selling an experience.  Just like the alcohol commercials, they are selling you the enjoyment that they assume goes along with drinking their product.  Unlike the alcohol commercials where it is possible to have a good time on the beach or at a party (even if you don’t drink), I think that the car advertisers are selling something that doesn’t exist.  I have never had the experience of bombing along a perfectly paved road in the country on a sunny day with no other vehicles in sight, nor do I think I ever will.  Advertisers who show this are making me not want to buy their vehicles.  Also unlike the alcohol commercials, the car commercials are generally boring, unfunny and annoying to watch. I guess watching most car commercials make me want to buy a new car less and less.
Here is a bit of a sobering news story;
And a bit of a distraction…
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