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October 21, 2007
  We had a bunch of fun attending the Lion’s game tonight.  It started with getting a hug from our favorite ticket taker, Maryanne.  When we go through her entrance we always get a smile and a hug, and our team wins!  I felt sorry for the security guard checking bags, that he didn’t get a hug, but he said he was used to it. 
  BC Place was really full tonight with a crowd of around 37,000 people.  I really enjoy seeing the people that sit around us where we have our season tickets.  They are all a lot of fun to talk to, make jokes and swap stories.  I heard that there was a camera that travels on a wire over the field in the NFL that fell down.  No one got hurt, but I’d bet that would be a great view!
  We didn’t put on our orange face paint this time and I didn’t realize how much other people really enjoy seeing us all made up.  One person had told his wife about how we have face paint once in a while and brought her to the game, and they seemed a little disappointed she didn’t get to see it.  Some other seat mates told us that we were looking a little pale.  Ha-ha.
  We were hoping to win the 50-50 this time, but no such luck.  One guy on our right has a real knack for guessing what the jackpot will be.  This time he was only out by $1.50!  On the Price is Right he would have won both showcases!  He didn’t win either, but someone when home almost $21,000 richer.
  Speaking of riches, the contest where a fellow has to catch a football launched in from 30, 40 and 50 yards caught all three tonight.  He wins $5,000!  After he caught the last ball the Lions players that were close by started celebrating with him.  I just love seeing the team having fun!
  We were playing the Eskimoes and the game was close for quite a while.  That is when we decided to pick things up in the second half.  I was rooting through my bag for something and the woman in front of me asked me what I had in my bag.  I brought out lots of goodies, including our "rally beads" and a hair band with orange lion ears.  I loaned them to her and right after that the Lions scored a touchdown on a punt return for 80 yards!  It was fantastic.  When Ian Smart made it into the endzone he was piled on by his team mates.
  BC place can get pretty loud for the visiting team.  We make a lot of noise when they have the ball so that they can’t hear the quarterback call the plays.  Jeff and I have metal bells that we bring along that are really loud and we yell and scream alot, too.  It really feels good to be making so much noise and know that it helps our team.  I recommend it for anyone, but there is only one regular season game left at home so I suggest you decide to join us when the team faces Calgary in two weeks.
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