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Colours of Canada

October 21, 2007
Canada is a vast country but there are a few things that really bring us together, one of the really binding aspects is the CFL.  Rivalries between cities and provinces, the East/West battles and the fight for the Greycup are all a part of the excitement.  More people watch the Greycup on television then watch the last game of the Stanley Cup.

   Team colours are integral to the identity of the pride that fans have for the game.  Tune into a game in Regina and you will behold a sea of green in the crowd that is known as "Rider Nation."  Look closer and you will find fans painted completely in team colours, wearing wigs with green hair or watermelons and other hilarious costumes.  In any stadium in the league you will see a large group of fans when the Roughriders are playing wearing green and cheering for Saskatchewan. 
  In BC the team encourages fans to wear orange, and even give entire sections goofy orange foam hats every game with "operation orange."  We saw two brave fellows wearing carved pumpkins on their heads watching the game.
  One year the government of Canada was sponsoring a game at BC Place and they handed out red and white noisemakers.  It was a bit of a miscalculations because most people, although all for our national colours from the Canadian flag, were a bit reluctant to use them because red is Calgary’s colour.
  The advertisers recognize this and have a campaign with "what’s your coulour?"  I would really be amazed if anyone would want to wear the yellow and black this year with the way that Hamilton is performing.  But I am sure there will be a contingent from every city at the Greycup celebration in Toronto this year, as there’s always fans who wear their colours just for fun every year.  Wearing the CFL colours is like a family reunion, you see someone in team colours and there is an immediate connection. 
  So on game night give it a try, get out and wear your team’s colours. Experience being a part of something wonderfully Canadian.  I believe you will not be disappointed.
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