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Lucy comes to Canada

October 19, 2007
  Let me introduce you to Lucy, famed hamster of the HamsterTracker.  This sweet little hamster has a clever owner who has hooked up her wheel to an odometer to measure the distance she runs in her lifetime.  Lucy has travelled 187,560.81 meters in 112 days!  That is a whole lot for little paws to run.
  She also get to travel around the world with the help of her fans.  You can go to her website and download and print a shot of her then send in a picture of her on your travels.  Currently Lucy’s Xtreme Hamster tracking has taken her to Dinosaur park in Alberta!
  For hamster owners you can also check out recipies for yummy treats you can cook up for your hamster. Hamsters can savour such delights as Micro Veggie pizza, r-Ice tea,apple sushi, and micro-burgers!
  When you visit you can check out the pictures of Lucy please note that the current Lucy is Lucy 3.0.  Hamsters do have a shorter lifespan then us and they have been online since 2004.
  If you would like to visit Lucy and find out the update of her travels check out
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