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Here comes the rain

October 15, 2007
  We just finished having a lovely set of fair days and amazingly I was off of work and was able to get out and enjoy the dry, sunny weather without having a lot of yard work.   The yard work was there, but it really wasn’t calling to me this time.  Now it looks like the wet has set in for the long term forecast, and I will set my sights on the indoors once more.  There is always plenty to do, including rearranging closets, painting, tackling the mess on the desk, watching baseball, updating the blog…
  The other day I was driving home from work and I was in a really good mood.  It was my last shift, and the traffic was light as it was a Saturday morning.  On my way home I travel east, into the sunrise and the sight was really beautiful.  There was a bit of fog and the rising sun appeared huge with gleaming streamers of light shimmering behind the trees as it rose over the horizon.  The mountains were a dramatic purple and blue in the distance.  Birds were flying in groups across the sky, crows, geese and songbirds intent on the business of the day.  A scattering of people were in the parks, some jogging and some doing tai chi.  It was a good thing I by myself because the gorgeous morning inspired me to sing, "I am so happy I am making a right turn!  I feel happy I am merging to the left!" and so forth. 
  I was also happy to wake up after my sleep and watch the Lions play in Edmonton, with plans to go out for dinner to a new restaurant that just opened in Port Moody.
  More to come later…hopefully with pictures.
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