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Fun with Money

September 20, 2007
  I had an unusual experience the last two times that I paid a visit to the bank.  The first came along when I decided to go into the branch instead of using the automated teller machine because the ATM had run out of paper.  It turned out that I was the only customer in the bank and there was two tellers waiting for my business.  I paused in front of the desk and the tellers had a brief discussion.  "You took care of the last customer, I will take this one."  They were actually deciding who would look after me!  Now, I am not in a small hick town where there are not many people.  I was really amazed and I didn’t think it would happen again.
  Yesterday I stopped to pay my credit card bill and Jeff and I went into the branch of a different bank.  To our amazement I had a similar experience, the only difference was that there was only one teller this time.  I guess everyone was internet banking this week. 
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