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Mother nature strikes again

September 10, 2007
  We are getting a very nice run of summer weather and I was out painting the fence and touch up painting the house today.  I went into the garage to find my paint supplies and for some reason I opened the drawer where we keep our winter mittens and scarves and I found a suprise.  Now I knew something had been in our garage again, I found a knocked over bottle the other day when I drove home, but I thought it was our neighbourhood squirrel, Trouble. 
  Well, I was wrong, it was not Trouble.  It was Stinky, at least that is his new name, the rat.  He was a very healthy, sleek looking rat and he was nesting in a blanket in the drawer. He gets his moniker because he pooped and peed in his nest which was our blanket and mittens. He was reluctant to vacate when I told him that he was not welcome, or in other words, "EEEEeeeek!"
  Stinky got the picture when I poked him with a stick.  He took off out the hole in the garage that we keep on promising to patch up.  I also noticed that he was eating the grass seed I had bought and now it is no longer in a bag, but is now in a much more secure chew proof glass bottle.
  I had to throw away some gloves that got chewed up and the blanket was slightly chewed and was salvaged by putting it through the wash machine with bleach.  The drawer is now stinky because I threw some moth balls in there.
  Hopefully Stinky the rat has found a new home in the forest where he belongs. 
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